Introduction to Traditional Archery

Mike’s love for archery began 10 years ago when he was kayaking down a river in Texas with his boys. They came across a strange man in the forest wielding a bow. Little did he know, he had stumbled upon one of the best kept secrets of Texas, a secret traditional archery club hidden in the forest. The bowman seemed weary at first, but quickly invited them to see what his bow could do. From that moment on, Mike was hooked. 

Mike became very involved in his local archery club, volunteering at tournaments as well as competing. His love for archery also got him involved in many hunting adventures with his kids. He found that archery was a great tool to get his family out into nature.

Martial Arts Background

Mike has over 35 years experience practicing various martial arts. Mike has taught a variety of women’s self defense and police officer private training classes. Mike has proven himself as an avid role model, speaker and teacher of safety, character and morale development in schools to kids 6 years old and up. He has been a Master Instructor and owner of Karate Works Training Center in Benbrook, Texas for over 17 years.

Archery Works... Where it all began

Mike’s love for Martial Arts manifested into his desire to share martial arts with others as an instructor. Naturally his love for archery and being in the outdoors lead to Mike to start Archery Works and the Outdoor Adventure Club, both schools associated with Karate Works. Archery works was geared towards providing a fun, safe and exciting outdoor traditional archery experience to kids, and adults of all ages. This created a way for members of the community to come out and be an active part of the great outdoors while instilling morals, respect and reverence for nature. 

Mike is Certified as a Level II Instructor with the National Archery in Schools Program (NASP) and a Level II instructor with USA Archery . In addition to starting archery works, Mike volunteered as a community outreach instructor with the YMCA, providing local families archery and martial arts lessons. Mike has been affiliated with the Texas Parks and Wild life and ran the archery exhibitions the the Texas State fair for two consecutive years. He is currently in partnership with the California Parks and Wild Life Dept.

Mike has since moved back to his home town of San Diego, CA to take care of his elderly parents but decided he still wanted to share his love for Archery with the community and has started Arrowbound Archery. Mike enjoys volunteering with the Wounded Warrior Project to provide disabled  service members archery events.